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[Admission] Dept. of Logistics Information Technology Admissions

※ Important Notice
Besides the formal application process below, the candidates are highly recommended to contact the planned academic advisory professor in advance and to be confirmed in the study with the adviser.

[ Application Schedule ]
1) Application: Mon. Oct. 20th ~ Fri. Nov. 6th
- All applicants should apply on the Internet (
2) Document submission
- By mail: Mon. Oct. 20th ~ Thu. Nov. 13st, 6 PM
- By personal submission: Mon. Nov. 11th ~ Thu. Nov. 13st (9 AM 6 PM) ※ Please note that the applicants whose required documents fail to arrive by the deadline can be treated as unsuccessful candidates without further notices
※ Document screening only (no individual interviews or tests): Admission will be determined by comprehensively reviewing the sub-course grades, scholastic abilities, fi-nancial capabilities, etc

3) Announcement of admitted applicants: Tue. Dec. 16th, 4 PM
4) Forwarding of Certificate of Admission : Mon. Dec. 22th
5) Submission of degree certificate (original copy) : Mon. Mar. 9th, 2009